Georgian capital's downtown

Walking Tours Tbilisi: A Gateway to Discover the City’s Heart and Soul

Georgian capital's downtown
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Discover the enchanting city of Tbilisi through its array of walking tours, each offering unique insights into the rich tapestry of Georgian culture, history, and architecture. Tbilisi, a city steeped in history and brimming with hidden gems, is best explored on foot. Here’s a guide to some of the most intriguing walking tours in Tbilisi.

Tbilisi Free Walking Tours

Tbilisi, Georgia - 30th april, 2022: Group of tourist stand with guide in street on free Tbilisi walking tour in sunny spring day. Sololaki hidden Tbilisi tour
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Embark on an adventure with Tbilisi Free Walking Tours, where you can enjoy a variety of tip-based tours that dive deep into the city’s various facets. Whether you’re interested in exploring the “Backstreets of Tbilisi,” uncovering “Hidden Gems of Tbilisi,” admiring the vibrant “Street Art of Tbilisi,” reliving the “Soviet Era Tbilisi,” or indulging in a “Wine and Food Tour,” these tours promise an enriching experience. Learn more about them on their Facebook page.

History of Tbilisi Houses

TBILISI, GEORGIA - JANUARY 3, 2016: Interior of an old house with mosaic windows in the old town of Tbilisi, Georgia.
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For architecture enthusiasts, the History of Tbilisi Houses offers specialized architectural tours. These tours take you off the beaten path, exploring the architectural wonders and cultural significance of areas not commonly frequented by tourists. Highlights include the “Architectural Tour: the Footsteps of the Germans in Neu Tiflis,” the enchanting “Architectural Tour: Sololaki,” and the historical “Architectural Tour: Rustaveli.” Each tour is a journey through time, showcasing Tbilisi’s unique blend of Eastern and Western influences. Discover more about these tours on their Facebook page.

Backpack Travel Tours

My trip to Georgia. Beautiful and old Tbilisi city in the early morning
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Experience Tbilisi’s rich history, culture, and architecture with Backpack Travel Tours. Wander through the Old Town’s cobblestone streets, visit iconic landmarks like the Narikala Fortress, and marvel at the diverse architectural styles that narrate Tbilisi’s past. These tours often include stops at traditional sulfur baths and vibrant markets, offering a taste of local cuisine and hospitality. Engage with locals and immerse yourself in Georgian customs and daily life. For more information, visit their Facebook page.

Practical Tips for Tour Enthusiasts

Booking a tour in advance is highly recommended. While some tours operate on a tip-based model, others have fixed costs starting from 25 GEL, plus museum fees. Prices vary, so it’s best to check in advance.

In conclusion, walking tours in Tbilisi offer an intimate and authentic way to connect with the city’s heritage and people. Whether you’re a history buff, architecture lover, or simply a curious traveler, these tours are gateways to creating lasting memories and experiencing the soul of Tbilisi. Don’t just visit Tbilisi – walk it, experience it, and let it leave an indelible mark on your heart. Please note that is not affiliated with any of the tour guides mentioned, and therefore, we do not hold any responsibility for the tours or experiences provided by them.





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